Introducer and Influencer commission scheme



We believe that good things must be shared!

Group tuition is a cost-effective, affordable, and top-quality educational option for children. Group tuition offers a rigorous and yet more personalized alternative to traditional schooling. If you believe that smaller class size makes a difference in learning, then you will be pleasantly surprised how much my students learn in one lesson. 

It is hard to find a good teacher who understands the students' needs and the exam requirements. 


As a freshly minted ex-school teacher (NIE trained teacher in Maths and Chemistry), I will help your child with any difficulties they have in their studies along with teaching them new exam skills, answering techniques, and practising the right kind of questions that deepen understanding and correct any misconceptions.

My established K.U.M.A. method of learning helps ALL students improve tremendously in just months of attending my lesson. The only way a student doesn't learn in my class is to not listen and not do any work I assigned for practice. 

Yes, all good things must be shared!

Hence, I would generously share with you for introducing any students to join in my group tuition.

Even students are earning $100 monthly by introducing their classmates to join my group tuition, find out below how much you can earn as passive income by being an introducer or influencer.

Commissions - your passive income

For group tuitions, the introducer fee will be paid as long as the student remains an active student.

1st-month introducer fee: $50 per student per subject.

2nd-month onwards introducer fee: *10% of the fee paid by the student.

*2nd-month commission rate depends on the total number of active students (paid fees) paying their 2nd-month fees. The 2nd month onwards commission is payable on 10th of each month after students paid their current month fee before start of the month.

Each student pays $350 per month for 4 sessions of 2 hours online live lesson.


Your passive income as introducer:

1 to 5 students

Introducer Level 1 (10% of fee paid by student)

10% of first 1 to 5 students

1 student: $350x10% = $35

2 students: $700x10% = $70

3 students: $1050x10% = $105

4 students: $1400x10% = $140

5 students: $1750x10% = $175


6 to 10 students

Introducer Level 2

15% of first 1 to 10 students

6 students: $2100x15% = $315

7 students: $2450x15% = $367.5

8 students: $2800x15% = $420

9 students: $3150x15% = $472.5

10 students: $3500x15% = $525


The moment your accumulative number of introduced students who are active paying students exceeds 10, you are upgraded to Influencer. 

11 to 15 students

Influencer Level 1

15% of first 10 students

20% of next 11 to 15 students

11 students: $525+$350x20% = $595

12 students: $525+$700x20% = $665

13 students: $525+$1050x20% = $735

14 students: $525+$1400x20% = $805

15 students: $525+$1750x20% = $875


16 or more students

Influencer Level 2

15% of first 10 students

20% of next 11 to 15 students

30% of next 16 to 30 students

16 students: $875+$350x30% = $980

17 students: $875+$700x30% = $1085

18 students: $875+$1050x30% = $1190

19 students: $875+$1400x30% = $1295

20 students: $875+$1750x30% = $1400


*The above numbers are for illustration only. When you join as the introducer with at least one student, we will discuss the details of how we can work together to give you a sustainable passive income.

WhatsApp me at 96978138 for more information on how you can earn your passive income when you help introduced students who may find my tuition beneficial to them. 

Individual 1 to 1 tuition

I would like to focus on building group tuitions, however, I know that some parents prefer to have individual tuition, a one-time introducer fee is $50. There will not be recurring commissions.